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So What Makes a Modern Eco Home?

These days a house needs to be built with energy efficiency in mind from the very start. Church Hall Gardens has been built not only to be energy-efficient, but to make the home owner cash-efficient too. With ever increasing energy prices this can only be welcomed. High build quality is paramount. Coupled with the latest green technology these homes have a greatly reduced carbon footprint and make high energy bills a distant memory.


All the eco-homes at Church Hall Gardens are built to the highest quality to ensure absolute minimum heat loss. This coupled with a very high level of insulation and double glazing is crucial as the cheapest energy is energy that has not been used at all.

Photovoltaic (Solar) Panels

solar panel

Photovoltaic (Solar) Panels generate electricity from daylight. A common misconception is that you need direct sunshine to generate electricity. Actually only daylight is required for your photovoltaic panels to generate electricity so you needn’t worry about rainy days!

At Church Hall Gardens each house has a grid of panels installed on the roof, easily creating enough electricity for your needs, and any surplus can be sold back to the national grid under the government’s Feed-In Tariff.

Feed-In Tariffs benefit the home owner in three distinct ways:

  • You will receive a generation tariff payment. This is decided by the type of energy used to generate the electricity and the total amount produced. You will continue to receive this for at least 25 years.
  • For any surplus electricity you produce to export back to the national grid, you will receive an export tariff payment.
  • Lower energy bills – as you will be buying less energy from your suppliers, you save here too.
    However at Church Hall Gardens, we aim for you not to pay any energy bills at all.
air source

Air Source Heat Pumps

These are used to heat your home and water by absorbing heat from the outside air. They work by extracting heat from outside much like a normal fridge extracts heat from inside. Heat from the outside air is absorbed into a liquid which is then pumped through a heat exchanger. They are so efficient they can even extract heat from air at - 20oC. These pumps do need electricity to run, which is handily supplied by your photovoltaic panels. For every unit of electrical energy used to run them, they can supply two or three units of heat energy.

The benefits of air source heat pumps are multiple:

  • Lower fuel bills than conventional boilers
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Very low maintenance

Water Catchment System

More than just a water butt in your garden, the system here captures rainwater, and once filtered it can then be used for flushing your WC or on your garden. This can save enormous quantities of water - up to 50% for a typical household.

Efficient Appliances

All the appliances in your home at Church Hall Gardens will be A rated, and all lighting will come from energy saving lightbulbs. This will again, like the entire Church Hall Gardens development, save you both energy and money.

* Based on average consumption use

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